"Patricia provided me with tools to assess my job skill, experience and interests that helped me make a career change. Her guidance was priceless and her support gave me the confidence to become CEO of my career." - Juniper Korkie, Alexandria, VA

"I learned that taking action, even if it is an action that doesn't lead to a specific outcome you have in mind, is worthwhile because it creates momentum that allows things to start happening. Thank you for your help in getting me to identify an action and next steps to take and helping me find the motivation to take that action." - S.B., VA Health & Fitness Professional

"Pat was able to provide guidance through a complex and intimidating process, utilizing encouragement and relevant exercises. Her approach produced results." - James Forte, Ridgefield, CT

"Her support has been invaluable." - P.M., Springfield, VA

"Thank you for your help in getting our son moving in the right direction. He is registered at a local college for the fall with 17 credits. I know he can do well; he just wouldn't listen to us. Thanks again." - Trumbull, CT Mom

"Many thanks for all that you did to help prepare me for the interviews. You gave me the confidence and direction to show my best and brightest self." - WB. Washington, DC

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