The Career Coaching Process

At the Client's own pace, we will work together through any or all of the steps below, as needed.

  • Delving into Self: Using a series of personalized assessment tools, we will explore your background, interests, education, personality traits, work history and learning styles.
  • Career Search: What career options should you consider? If you are a young adult or an adult at mid-career, how can you re-position yourself? If you are approaching retirement and want to continue working, what options are available?
  • Setting Short and Long-Term Career Goals: What short and long-term career goals can you set, and how do you set them?
  • Developing Targeted Resumes, Honing Interviewing Skills and Working Your Network (both in-person and vis social media).
  • Getting Going: Make changes in your current job situation or look for a new job.
  • Distance Credentialed; Skype Equipped. All services are available via Distance Media.