Coaching and Counseling for Career Change and Retirement Readiness

What is a Career Coach and
What Can a Career Coach Do For You?

A career coach combines education and experience to assist clients in their career development at all times of their lives. A career coach personalizes your search, and assists you in finding your next step, whether it is a new job in your present industry, or a total change of career. If you are dissatisfied with your present situation but unable/unwilling to make a change at this time, a career coach will help you sustain yourself through mindset exploration, skill re-evaluation and development of options for future action. Please note that a career coach does not provide placement; however, how to be noticed by/work with executive recruiters can be a part of the process. Click HERE to learn more about the Career Coaching Process.

What is a Retirement Readiness Coach and
What Can a Retirement Readiness Coach Do For You?

A retirement readiness coach helps you prepare for retirement. A retirement readiness coach assists you to determine your readiness to retire, what you plan to do with this next phase of your life, and how to put your plans into action. Please note that a retirement readiness coach does not work with the financial aspects of retirement; however, referrals to qualified financial planners can be made if needed. Click HERE to learn more about the Retirement Readiness Coaching process.

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