What is a Career Coach and What Can a Career Coach Do For You?

A career coach combines education and experience to assist clients in their career development at all times of their lives.

In particular, a career coach can:

Evaluate your background and assess your career development path through a series of personalized exercises; apply expertise in the career search area to your particular and personal situation.
Assist you as you maneuver through the search process and advise you all the way.
Using targeted exercises, assist you in developing a more positive mindset as you adjust to a recent job loss.
For those happy in their careers but seeking a new job in their present field: advise on honing networking skills (both in-person and via Social Media), preparing effective resumes, and improving interviewing skills.
Advise you on any further education or training options that may be necessary to secure the job and career you want.
Assist you in deciding if graduate school is for you and if so, what field of study is best for you.
Sustain you if you are dissatisfied with your present situation but unable/unwilling to make a change at this time, through mindset exploration, skills re-evaluation and development of options for further actions.
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